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The Empowerment Pack - Mindful Marks

The Empowerment Pack - Mindful Marks

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Curated by Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban, these Lumenkind Mindful Marks are temporary mindfulness tattoos that serve as a wearable reminder of your Whole30, food freedom, and boundary intentions. 

The Empowerment Pack features 4 thoughtful, tiny designs chosen by Melissa: Trust, Breathe, Feel, and Transform; and includes 36 marks (9 of each design). Place your mark on your hand, wrist, ankle, or anywhere that feels meaningful, and use it to anchor your intention throughout the day.

Mindful Marks are made with skin-safe vegetable-based inks in Gold, Silver, and Charcoal that beautifully complement all skin tones. Each mark is individually perforated and applied through water-transfer and naturally wears off in 2-3 days, depending on placement and care.

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