Melissa U.Verified Buyer

I always get compliments

I always get compliments on my little tattoos, and love how they remind me of my health commitments, intentions, or goals for the week. If I'm careful, they last 4-5 days (I just freshen them up with lotion). Favorite spots include my hand (between my thumb and first finger) or the underside of my wrist, but they also work as nail decals! Just brush a coat of clear over the top and they last forever.

Vicki S.Verified Buyer

I love these

They definitely stay on some places better than others. If you find an area that’s low traffic so to speak you will probably really enjoy them for quite some time. I found the inside of my wrist and the inside of my elbows lasted a long time while providing me a easy mindful visual. I like the black ones the best as they look most natural, and the gold and silver ones look more like kids are playing with them.

Elizabeth R.Verified Buyer

Absolutely love this whole idea!

Absolutely love this whole idea! What a creative way to bring light to the mind-body connection!

DerleinVerified Buyer

Love the reminders

Love the reminders