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Reintroduction Cohort: January 2024

Reintroduction Cohort: January 2024

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Program starts Jan 26, 2024
Enrollment open through February 1, 2024

Reintroduction (Days 31-45 of the Whole30) is where half of the program’s magic happens! But many Whole30 alumni have trouble staying on track, accountable, and successful with this crucial phase. 

Do you struggle with Whole30 reintroduction? Are you worried about doing the second phase of the Whole30 on your own? Then our Whole30 Reintroduction Cohort is for you!

cohort: noun, co·​hort (kō-ˌhȯrt)

1: A group of people with a shared characteristic
2: Companion, colleague


In our Reintroduction Cohort, you'll join fellow Whole30’ers in a private online community with access to exclusive resources, expert guidance, and the live support you’ll need to succeed. Led by the Whole30 HQ team and co-founder Melissa Urban, you’ll have the community and accountability you’ll need to succeed with reintroduction, solidifying your path to lasting food freedom.

Perfect for: Seasoned Whole30’ers, Whole30 beginners, anyone doing the Whole30 alone. Encompasses reintroduction for the Original Whole30 and Plant-Based Whole30 programs.

If you're ready to unlock the magic of your Whole30 with a successful reintroduction phase, join our Cohort today!


  • Three weeks of exclusive content and community support for your Original or Plant-Based Whole30 reintroduction (Days 31-45)
  • Access to our private online Slack community, moderated by Whole30 HQ
  • Daily video motivational messages from Melissa Urban, the Whole30 HQ team, and friends
  • Weekly Ask Me Anything Slack chats with Melissa Urban
  • Our “Can I have…?” concierge to confirm ingredient and product compatibility directly with Whole30 HQ
  • Our Reintroduction resources concierge to deliver the articles, tips, and tools exactly when you need them
  • Priority support from Whole30 HQ via Slack and email
  • Exclusive promotions from Whole30 Approved partners for reintroduction and your food freedom


  • Successfully complete reintroduction (often for the first time!)
  • Stay accountable to their commitment
  • Succeed with their Whole30
  • Feel more motivated and encouraged during challenging times
  • Identify and celebrate their non-scale victories
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