Live Cohort: Plant-Based Whole30

Live Cohort: Plant-Based Whole30

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Join the May Plant-Based Whole30 as part of an exclusive LIVE experience.

If you're ready to change your life with the Plant-Based Whole30 but don't want to go it alone, join our Live Cohort and get the support, motivation, and accountability you need to succeed.

You'll get access to extra resources to these new resources:
  • Join co-founder Melissa Urban and special guests for twice a week live meetings where you can ask questions, talk about your Whole30 experience, and and connect with other Plant-Based Whole30'ers (10 total)
  • Join a private Slack channel supported by the Whole30 HQ team to connect and ask questions in between the live events
  • Digital resources (via PDF and Notion)
Along the way, Melissa and team will be monitoring your experience, responding to commonly asked questions, and directing you to the resources you need to be successful with the program.

By joining this Live Cohort and connecting with us and each other along the way, you'll be helping us guide and shape the Plant-Based Whole30 program and resources for years to come.

Past Whole30 Live alumni reported that joining the group helped them helped them to:
  • Stay accountable to their commitment
  • Feel more motivated and encouraged during challenging times
  • And helped them identify and celebrate their non-scale victories

Please note that this Cohort is separate and different from the free Plant-Based Whole30 emails (You can do both, there's no overlap)! Open to Whole30'ers everywhere. 

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