100% Whole30 compatible, with 100% of the flavor and 0% compromises.

Our new Made by Whole30 line was inspired by Melissa’s own kitchen creations, using ingredients that go beyond even the Whole30’s high standards. Sample them all in our Whole30 Starter Kit or find a new favorite with our single-flavor packs.

Hand-selected all-natural, humane ingredients you can feel good about.

No Added Sugar

Reduce your sugar consumption naturally with our dressings, dips, and marinades.

No Gums or Fillers

No vegetable gums, fillers, or natural flavors, designed for sensitive digestive tracts.

Certified Humane® Eggs

Creamy versions use Certified Humane eggs, keeping with our strict animal welfare standards.

Cold-pressed, high oleic sunflower oil

Our high-oleic sunflower oil has even more heart-healthy monounsaturated fat than avocado oil, with a smooth, clean flavor. Cold-pressed means the seeds are pressed at low temperature, (without heat or chemicals), preserving the flavor and beneficial compounds.

Effortlessly add flavor, spice, and variety to your Whole30

On the Whole30, dressings and sauces are LIFE. Our unique flavors means you’ll never be bored with your Whole30 meals, in convenient 8-ounce bottles to save you time in the kitchen.